Author: Dr. Alexandra Rutwind

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Tips for flossing effectively

It was all over the news… and everyone rejoiced. Remember that day? The day that a report was released saying there is no benefit to flossing your teeth? I vividly remember that day, because I opened up my Facebook and I had a ton of messages linking me to that article. But, don’t throw away your waxy thread just yet! Weak evidence for flossing doesn’t necessarily mean that flossing is ineffective. It...

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Why are check-ups so important?!

What happens at a dental check-up and why are they so important?! If I brush twice a day and I don’t feel any pain right now, then why do I have to go get a professional check-up and cleaning? What many people don’t realize is that a healthy mouth is a large part of keeping a healthy body. Our mouths are the gateway to the rest of our body, so our...