Author: Dr. Omar Virani

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Bridge vs. Dental Implants

What are my options to replace a missing tooth? Are you missing a tooth and looking to replace it, but the amount of options are overwhelming? Techniques in dentistry are constantly evolving, giving more options to the patient, but this can also be quite confusing. 50 years ago, if you were to lose a tooth, your options would be limited to a bridge or dentures. However, today you are able to have...

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4 Ways Coffee Affects Your Teeth

Coffee. Most of us live and die by the bean. But what is it doing to our oral health? 1. STAIN The Problem: Coffee causes yellow teeth and this is, without a doubt, the most common concern among coffee drinkers. Although the outer layer of a tooth feels smooth, when magnified they are filled with an array of pits and crevasses. These pits will trap many types of molecules, including color-inducing...