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Dental Photography: Is Your Dentist Using It?

At Peak Dental Arts Patient Education is one of our top priorities. In order to help us achieve this, we rely heavily on dental photography. This doesn't mean your typical dental X-rays, which are crucial in helping us diagnose dental disease, but rather high def photos taken with our DSLR. We believe in it so strongly that we do it free of charge for every single patient that walks through...

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What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a more beautiful smile with whiter and brighter teeth. That’s why teeth whitening has become so popular. If you are considering teeth whitening in North Vancouver, here are some important things you should know: Why teeth become discoloured The colour of your teeth is determined from birth by genetics. Therefore, your teeth cannot be whitened beyond their original colour. However, there are many factors that may cause teeth to become...

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Bridge vs. Dental Implants

What are my options to replace a missing tooth? Are you missing a tooth and looking to replace it, but the amount of options are overwhelming? Techniques in dentistry are constantly evolving, giving more options to the patient, but this can also be quite confusing. 50 years ago, if you were to lose a tooth, your options would be limited to a bridge or dentures. However, today you are able to have...