Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common condition. Everyone suffers from occasional bad breath (Halitosis).


Persistent bad breath is often and indicator of gum disease. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and is reversible. However, if left untreated, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis.

Discoloured Teeth

Extrinsic and intrinsic factors can cause the discolouration of your teeth. Extrinsic factors include exterior stains on teeth caused by smoking, dietary issues, dental cavities, or disease and can be removed through regular cleanings and whitening procedures.

Bleeding Gums

The main cause of bleeding gums is the buildup of plaque at the gum line. Bleeding gums leads to a condition called gingivitis, or inflamed gums.

Gum Recession

Gum recession is when the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, or pulls back, exposing more of the tooth, or the tooth root. Mild gum recession can be treated successfully by deep cleaning the affected area.

Tooth Wear

Tooth wear refers to loss of tooth substance by means other than dental caries or dental trauma. Tooth wear is a complex problem and there is difficulty identifying a single cause factor.

Cracked Tooth

There are many different types of cracked teeth and they show a variety of symptoms. Symptoms of cracked teeth can include erratic pain when biting into food or when your tooth is exposed to temperature extremes.

Wisdom Teeth

Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves. Wisdom teeth that remain enclosed within the soft tissue or the jawbone or only partially break through the gum are impacted.