Wisdom Teeth Removal in North Vancouver, BC

Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves. Wisdom teeth that remain enclosed within the soft tissue or the jawbone or only partially break through the gum are impacted. Wisdom teeth have long been identified as a source of problems and continue to be the most commonly impacted teeth in the human mouth. If you (or your child) experience pain from wisdom teeth, please call us to arrange a dental exam.


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At Peak Dental Arts, we provide dental care in the North and West Vancouver area. Our goal is to provide patients with exceptional dentistry in a calm, educational and professional environment. Our team of North Vancouver dentists strives to deliver comprehensive dental care, looking at the mouth as a whole in order to give our patient’s teeth the best chance for lasting a lifetime.

To facilitate this, we create long-term strategies that involve the patient’s personal goals. We listen carefully to each patient’s dental concerns and include the patient in the treatment planning. Creating an inclusive treatment plan and providing engaging patient education is a top priority at Peak Dental Arts.

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