Dental Filling

Dental Filling Procedure North Vancouver | Peak Dental Arts ClinicIf you have a cavity, your dentist may recommend a dental fillings procedure. This treatment involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and then filling the area using a dental filling.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is used to restore the function, structure, integrity, and appearance of a decayed tooth. Dental fillings can also repair broken or cracked teeth and teeth worn due to grinding or nail-biting.

What materials are used to make dental fillings?

There are several options when it comes to dental fillings. Dental filling materials include:

  1. Silver amalgam
    Silver amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of silver, zinc, tin, mercury, and copper. They can last for 12 years or more. Silver amalgam is a popular choice for fillings because it’s strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive. However, they are not aesthetically pleasing, making them not an ideal choice for highly visible teeth.
  2. Gold
    Gold fillings are strong, durable, and don’t rust. They can last up to 20 years. However, they are expensive, take more than one dental appointment to install, and are not aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Porcelain
    Porcelain fillings can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth. Therefore, they are aesthetically pleasing. Porcelain fillings are resistant to stains and abrasion and can last up to 15 years. However, they can cost as much as gold fillings.
  4. Composite resin
    Composite fillings, like porcelain fillings, offer a natural appearance. They can last for up to 10 years, but, like natural teeth, they can become discoloured over time.
    To determine the ideal filling for your cavity, you must consider the location of the tooth and your dental needs. Discuss your options with your dentist if you need help making a decision.

Do you need a dental filling?

If you need a dental filling and are searching for a dentist in North Vancouver, contact us at Peak Dental Arts.

At Peak Dental Arts, we offer comprehensive and quality dental care to help you restore the functionality and appearance of your natural teeth.

Call us today to discuss your options for dental fillings.

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