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If you want to straighten your teeth but aren’t interested in traditional metal braces, you can choose Invisalign at Peak Dental Arts in North Vancouver.

Invisalign straightens your teeth with a series of custom-moulded, virtually invisible aligners. Unlike braces that can only be removed by an orthodontist, Invisalign clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth, which means there are no food restrictions. Although Invisalign aligners are removable, we recommend that patients wear their trays for 20 to 22 hours each day to achieve optimal results.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign Straight Healthy Smile | Peak Dental Arts
When you get fitted for Invisalign at Peak Dental Arts, we will use 3D imaging technology to create a custom plan with a series of aligners that will fit your teeth during every stage of your treatment. With the use of iTero technology, there are no messy moulds at Peak Dental Arts, only quick digital scans! Each aligner will slowly straighten your teeth and should be worn for one to two weeks before being replaced with the next in the series. We normally give you between six and eight trays at a time so your visits to us are not very frequent. Your specific needs will determine the amount of overall time it will take for this process to be completed. Typically, patients are in Invisalign for about 6 to 24 months with the average being 1 year.

After your treatment, a retainer will be recommended to help keep your teeth straight. Retention is a critical component of any orthodontic protocol as your teeth will want to return to their original position. In our practice, you’re offered either a bonded lingual wire that hides behind your teeth or clear Vivera retainers that you wear at night. Either way, you’ll need something to keep your teeth straight after treatment is done and both these options are included in the fee for Invisalign at our practice.

Who can use Invisalign?

Just about anyone with healthy teeth and gums can use Invisalign, but we do not recommend this treatment option for children whose teeth and gums are still growing and developing. Invisalign works well for adolescents and teenagers as they are built with blue dots that serve as compliance indicators. These marks will gradually fade to help us know if our patients are being diligent with their aligner wear. The aligners also have eruption tabs that allow for second molars to grow in straight. Invisalign is also very appealing to adults. Because of their low-profile appearance, adults can be confident when going through Invisalign treatment.

Are you ready to get fitted for Invisalign?

If you are ready to start your Invisalign journey, contact Peak Dental Arts in North Vancouver today. Let us help you get the smile you’ve always wanted and deserve!

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