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At Peak Dental Arts, we provide dental care in North and West Vancouver area. Our goal is to provide patients with exceptional dentistry in a calm, educational and professional environment. We strive to deliver comprehensive dental care, looking at the mouth as a whole in order to give our patient’s teeth the best chance for lasting a lifetime. To facilitate this, we create long-term strategies that involve the patient’s personal goals. We listen carefully to each patient’s dental concerns and include the patient in the treatment planning process. Creating an inclusive treatment plan and providing engaging patient education is a top priority at Peak Dental Arts. We recognize our role in the community as both a responsibility and a privilege and we look forward to serving you soon.


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At Peak Dental Arts, we have invested in technology in order to better serve our patients with the very best. Our digital x-rays provide more accurate diagnosis with the lowest amount of radiation. All our procedures, from simple fillings to porcelain crowns, are made with quality, peer-reviewed, literature-tested materials. Basic day-to-day dentistry varies wildly from office to office and we stand proud behind our reputation and workmanship.

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Continuing education is a core principle at Peak Dental Arts. Our doctors believe in lifelong learning and work hard to ensure they remain at the top of their field. Each year, our West & North Vancouver dentists take several weekends away from the office to further their education. Doctors from Peak Dental Arts participate in a number of study groups, including Invisalign clubs and the prestigious Ocean Dental Implant Study Club.

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Photography At Peak Dental Arts, one of our primary goals is to keep our patients involved in all aspects of their oral health. We believe so strongly in our inclusive process that we offer complimentary patient photography. We use a DSLR camera with a 100mm macro lens and a dual flash bracket (for you photography enthusiasts). The photography allows us to give you a tour of your own mouth and speak with you about different conditions that may be present. It also allows us to track your teeth over time and helps us monitor issues such as tooth wear, gum recession, tooth position, and more.

Spear Videos Peak Dental Arts is part of the Spear Video online community. Our goal is to provide our patients with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions about their oral health. We have made educational videos about common oral health conditions available to help you visualize what’s happening inside your mouth. If you have any questions about any of the videos or a particular condition, please call and ask us about it. We love talking about teeth!


At Peak Dental Arts, we provide comprehensive General and Cosmetic Dentistry.


Prevention and early detection are the best ways to catch dental conditions before they become more serious. Many dental conditions will not cause pain or present symptoms in the early stages. If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, please call our North Vancouver dentist today at 604-770-2222.

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- Raymond P.

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At Peak Dental Arts, our goal is to provide patients with exceptional dentistry in a calm, educational and professional environment. If you have any questions, please give us a call or come visit one of our West and North Vancouver dentist locations in person.