9 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Dental Appointment

Prepare for Your Next Dental Appointment | Peak Dental Arts

Being prepared for your next dental visit can truly help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with us, dentists. You’re not alone in these feelings; it’s quite normal to be anxious at the dentist. Let’s go through some tips to help you prepare and allow you to feel more comfortable leading up to and at your next dental appointment:

1. Confirm the appointment

If you haven’t received a reminder text, call or e-mail from us prior to your next appointment, please call and confirm. We should be able to tell you what time your appointment is, what the appointment is for and who your provider will be. If you’re not receiving reminders let us make sure we have the right contact information on your account as well as your preferred method of communication.

2. Transfer dental records

If you are changing dental clinics, do not forget to call your old clinic and ask them to transfer your files to your new dentist. If you’re feeling shy about this ask one of our receptionists to do it for you, we don’t mind at all!

3. List medication and doses

Your dentist will need to know if you are taking any medications and their details. To be sure you do not leave out any of your prescriptions, write them down before your visit. Also, if any medications have changed since your last visit please provide us with an updated health history.

4. Brush and Floss

Ensure you have thoroughly brushed and flossed before your dental appointment, even if you are going in for a hygiene visit. This will give your dentist or hygienist a chance to inspect your mouth and see what’s been working for you or against you in regard to your home care.

5. Be early

There are a few things that may need to be done prior to your dental appointment, such as updating insurance information, personal contact methods or new patient forms. In order to leave enough time for this to be done, arrive a bit earlier than your appointment time.

6. Avoid caffeine

If you’re anxious about your dental appointment we recommend limiting or avoiding caffeine as it can occasionally heighten these feelings. The less jittery you are during the visit, the easier it will be for you.

7. Tell the dentist if you are anxious

If you are feeling anxious about the visit, let your dentist know. Many people suffer from dental anxiety and as previously mentioned, you are not alone. If you inform your dentist, they can pay special attention to making you feel relaxed and also offer you different forms of sedation to put you at ease.

8. Be honest

Being honest when answering questions from your dentist will benefit you greatly in the long run. You should also tell the dentist about any concerns you may have or any areas that you’re curious about. This helps us perform the best possible dentistry for you.

9. Schedule your next visit

Before you leave the dental clinic, schedule your next appointment. That way you won’t forget to go in for your regular checkups and cleanings. Dentistry is very easy to put on the back burner and getting something in the schedule before you leave helps you stay on top of your oral health.

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