Dental Sealants in West and North Vancouver

Dental Sealant | Peak Dental ArtsEven when you practise proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly, you might still miss food particles that sometimes get stuck in the crevices found on the rough and uneven surfaces of the premolars and molars. This leftover food and the bacteria that feed on it can lead to cavities.

Dental sealants can prevent this from happening.

What are dental sealants?

A sealant is a thin coat of dental material, typically plastic, that is painted over the back teeth and hardened with a curing light to form a protective layer. Dental sealants are not a substitute for good oral hygiene, but they can reduce the risk of cavities by almost 80%.

Dental sealants are especially helpful for children. School-aged children who do not have dental sealants have three times more cavities than those who do. The earlier children get sealants, the better. Children can get dental sealants as early 6 years old, which is around the time the premolars erupt. The molars erupt at around age 12 and children can go back for sealants then as well. Adults who wish to prevent cavities can also benefit from dental sealants.

Although primarily used for preventing cavities, a dental sealant can sometimes be used to prevent an early-stage cavity from worsening. Since the sealant is clear, it will allow your dentist to monitor the affected tooth.

Dental sealants in West Vancouver and North Vancouver

If you wish to preserve the health of your or your children’s teeth and are considering dental sealants in West Vancouver or North Vancouver, come see us at Peak Dental Arts.

At Peak Dental Arts, our goal is to provide patients with exceptional dentistry in a calm, educational and professional environment. We deliver comprehensive dental care, looking at the mouth as a whole in order to give our patient’s teeth the best chance for lasting a lifetime.

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